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Vale Neville Wran.

You decriminalized homosexuality in NSW and protected our rainforests….you were no saint, but you pioneered many issues. You were a giant.


After seeing the trailer for Russell Crowe’s new Noah movie, I felt this had to be made. - Imgur


After seeing the trailer for Russell Crowe’s new Noah movie, I felt this had to be made. - Imgur







Tony Abbott Questioned by Newtown High Students

The fact that a group of year 9 students can blunder the countries PM is pretty telling.

Tony abbot from living under his own ears

Female Student: “Why are you so against legalizing gay marriage?”
Abbott: “I’m all for people having loving permanent relationships”
Female Student: “Becaise I have a lot of friends who are gay and it’s sad to think they can never get married just because they’re attracted to the same sex.”
Abbott: “I see where this is going. Can we have a blokes question?” 

"Why do you think following in Howard’s footsteps and turning back asylum seekers is a good idea?"
Abbott: “Do you know how many boat people drowned last year-“
"Too many!" 

Abbott: “I’ll allow one more question”
Student: “Do you know it’s a human right to seek aslyum in another county?”
Abbott: [laughs] “That’s the same question as before. Another question!”

Just wanna say all these students cheered their peers when they asked these questions, and Abbott had nothing to say. 

These kids were, what, 16? And yet I’d trust them running my country more than this dibshit. 

#actually year 9’s are 14 or 15#so even more of a point#he got fucking slayed by a bunch of 14 year olds

Let’s have a blokes question…LETS HAVE A FUCKING BLOKES QUESTION!? No matter how many times you say you aren’t sexist, it’s little gems like this that prove you are.

That’s the thing about Abbott. He wears what an execrable creature he is on his sleeve. He always has. I mean, his minders worked overtime to keep him under wraps during his time as opposition leader so people wouldn’t be reminded of how vile he is, and it still oozed out from time to time.

I’m not surprised by what a creepy, ugly PM he is because he has always been a creepy, ugly man.


these signs were the best

Tony Abbott as Minister for Women will never cease to be a vile, execrable joke.


Jason Jones talks to a Russian woman protesting against Russia’s anti-gay laws.


"A church in Montenegro has sparked controversy by displaying a fresco depicting Yugoslav communist leader Josip Broz Tito in the fires of hell with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels."


I’ve never seen people look so bored in my life. Or as my cousin put it “the more I look at them above, remind me of disinterested, disillusioned hipsters more than anything else”.



British TV channel Channel 4 aired this commercial on 06/02/14 for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

so proud to be british that I’m tearing up a little

I am thoroughly delighted that pretty much the entire Commonwealth’s reaction to Russia’s “no gay propaganda” bullshit is basically “QUICK! SPANDEX-CLAD INNUENDO! DRAG SHOW! RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE!”



Someone took footage of a Peacock Spider’s mating dance and set it to YMCA

god I love the internet

this was completely necessary

Love it! First time I ever saw the footage - on an Aussie science program - I was so enchanted I tracked down a contact for Jurgen Otto, the man who documented it, so I could tell him how awesome he was.






You send me a buyer who wants one badge, in spite of shipping costs being nearly twice the cost of the badge itself, OK, fine, whatever.

And now they want expedited shipping?

Where do you find me these people? Do you grow them on a farm in Idaho? Only some backwoods hell with Neo-Nazi…

We’re used to having to buy things from overseas…it’s all part of the tyranny of distance. From the very earliest days when Macassars were trading with Indigenous Aussies, we bought goods from outside, often from very long distances. So Australians don’t tend to be daunted by the idea of buying internationally and paying accordingly. The internet has just expedited that.

I don’t tend to do it myself - I mostly buy vintage globally and everything else that I can get local I buy here. If I’m buying something like jewellery I’ll look and see if there’s anything else from the same seller I want and check they’ll combine shipping. But because we’re so used to sourcing so much from overseas, the concept of buying globally - even in small and inefficient amounts - doesn’t seem odd to us.

While that certainly makes sense, to some extent, wouldn’t it make at least as much sense, especially considering the semi-independent nature of Etsy (and similar sites, like Folksy in the UK) for people to peruse the same shop for more things, if only to pay lip-service to the economic basics?  Like, Someone from Oz stumbles upon my Etsy shop cos of, say, this Adicts pin; they think “ooh! I like that! I think I shall buy one!”  Which is fair enough, but given that Etsy designs each shop to a) have a row of most-recent listings and renewed listing at the top of each item page and b) throw out a few keyword- and sales-determined suggestions of other items from the same shop, what’s the compulsion to just stop at one badge?

I find it hard to imagine that itself is purely cultural (and obviously there are going to be people in Oz who simply can’t afford to go buying even that one item from my shop, regardless of how inconsequental international postage may seem to many others), or rather, I find it hard to believe that the cultural reason is purely due to the circumstances of being in a location on the globe that is dependent on imports for many reasons.  I mean, location (and language) certainly explains why Oz is in my Top Five International countries at all (Top Three, really, Japan is #2 and the UK is #1; you’re ahead of even Canada, and I live in Michigan and Canada is right across the street from here), but most of the Australians I personally know, for whatever reason, say they wouldn’t buy just one or even two badges for US$1.75, especially with First Class International shipping at $6.75 —they’d do a thourough browsing of my items to see if there were at least a couple more, to make it seem like a better buy for the money.

Maybe it’s got more to do with socio-economic class, and I’ve just managed to attract a lot of bourgeoisie Ozzies, while my friends are all around mid-prole or lower, and simply don’t feel it’s worth spending that much on *one* badge at a time.

It’s hard to say, as I don’t know that particular market and the scarcity of the badge/accessibility to Australians here. If it is a particular niche that they can’t readily fulfill another way, most Australian’s wouldn’t hesitate - as I said, there’s already a cultural receptiveness to the idea of having to import goods long distances and pay a lot in shipping.

You may start to see a downturn in sales now that the Aussie dollar is dropping against the US (until fairly recently the AUD was even if not more than the USD), but Australia in general has come through the GFC very well - no major recession - and we are a wealthy nation…By some measures, the wealthiest. We do have income gaps (there is a big concentration in the upper percentiles and under 25s fare the worst, which I assume would be your target market), but figures from October 2013 indicate we are the richest nation in the world in terms of median wealth, and second only to the Swiss in terms of average wealth. So general (comparative) affluence, coupled with a psychological readiness to buy from overseas (we have embraced the internet buying culture) mean that paying more in shipping than the actual cost of the goods doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary to us. I’ve bought beautiful vintage pieces for $20 and wound up paying nearly twice that in shipping.

Going from the number of items I’ve gotten from Oz off eBay, over the last five years, the AU$ has consistently been just a bit less than the US$.  It’s easy to tell when a book I got was listed at AU$20, with a corresponding price in American money at US$16, that Australian money is not worth “equal to or more than” US money —the UK to US exchange rate, on the other hand, let me tell you, Internet….  I mean, let’s just check real quick.  Which is why this makes no sense to me.

And yes, I’m taking a guess that most of my buyers on Etsy are under the age of 25 —at the very least, under 30— and willing to pay around AU$9.71 per each order of a single pin.

Oh, I know the Aussie Dollar v. US exchange rate! I’ve been buying frequently from the US for years as well as travelling over there. Out of the last five, historically, from 2010 to part way through 2013 it was buying above $1 US. For a couple of years before that it veered around a bit - from May 2008 - May 2009 it went from above 95 US cents down below 80c in the USD. But after the GFC hit, the Australian dollar was seen as a strong investment currency, as we didn’t go into significant recession. This was seen as such a problem that, as of late last year, the Australian reserve bank has been actively trying to devalue the Aussie dollar, as the strength of the Australian dollar has played havoc with our export market (lower Australian dollar makes Australian exports more attractive overseas, strong Aussie dollar makes them unattractive). Right now, exporters are hoping to push it lower - towards the 80c mark if they can - although perceived economic wisdom is its probably going to hover around where it is right now for the forseeable future. Here’s a chart of the last 20 years, and you can see how the Aussie dollar hovered above 1USD for much of the GFC, as well as held strong against other currencies. As I said, though, you may see a downturn in Australian sales now that the Ozdollar is being pushed towards rates below 90c.